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2012-2016 Global Auto Parts Supporting Supplier Profiles

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Update time : 2016-12-12 21:01:20

2012-2016 global auto parts supporting supplier profiles

From the ranking point of view, nearly five years, Bosch proudly topped the list for five consecutive years, while the Denso Group due to supporting revenue fell nearly 10% in 2015 surpassed by Magna and the mainland, down to the fourth.

 In contrast, Magna Group has been in the fourth position in 2012-2013, but in 2014 it surpassed the Continental Group and became the third, even rose to the second place in 2015. Meanwhile the Continental Group was wandering back and forth between the third and fourth place.

The ZF Group, which has been ranked ninth from 2012 to 2015, jumped to the fifth place after acquiring TRW in 2016. Valeo ranked 15th in 2013 and 10th in 2015, and has been maintained until 2016.

In addition, Yazaki dropped from 10th place in 2013 to 13th and 14th place. BASF also had a big falling from 15th in 2012 to 19th place.

Apart from that, the ranks for many other companies didn’t change much. Such as Modern Mobis, Aisin Seiki, Faurecia, Johnson Controls, Lear, Delphi. TRW was acquired by ZF in 2016 so it wasn’t in the rankings.

According to statistics, nearly five years, Germany, Japan and the United States has been among the top 100 enterprises accounted for nearly 70% of the seats, while France, South Korea, Spain and Canada respectively has 3 to 5 companies to be in the finalists.

But with Donald Trump being America’s president, will the import and export strategies change for auto industry? Let’s wait and see what happens.