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Delco Remy Starter Series For Automechanika Shanghai

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Update time : 2016-11-28 18:55:49
Delco Remy Starter Series For Automechanika Shanghai

Delco Remy is one of the world’s leading manufacturers specializing in producing starter motors and occupies a pivotal position in the entire industry. The production series of Gzone Shanghai also cover Delco Remy, currently focus on the production of 28MT, 29MT, 39MT series. These motors contain both light and heavy trucks, buses and construction machinery. Now we also focus on the development of other series of Delco Remy, such as 38MT, 42MT and 50MT, ect. In the future, we strive to cover a broader range.

As for production and quality control, we practice strictly according to ISO and TS16949 system standards. And rely on over 20 years’ experience of our engineers, our starter motors performance are even closer to the original ones.

If you want further information, you can contact us directly or you can come to our booth at 4.1 N112 on Automechanika Shanghai on NOV.30th – DEC.3rd.