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Demands on Today’s Starting Systems

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Update time : 2017-04-20 15:45:04
Demands on Today’s Starting Systems
Today’s heavy-vehicle engines demand the most from starter motors since emission reduction strategies have increased engine cylinder pressures during cranking. Anti-idling laws, which require drivers to reduce the amount of time their engine idles, require modern starter motors to crank warm and more mechanically resistive engines many more times than before. Start-stop energy reducing drive systems and hybrid drive vehicles place even more strain on starter motors.

In spite of the increasing demands, new designs of starter motors and systems controls are enabling starters to last longer and increase output torque while substantially reducing motor weight.

A typical example of this is the improvements and changes that have occurred to Delco Remy starter motors in recent times. The Delco Remy 40MT weighs 66Ib(30kg), and the Delco Remy Starter 39MT weighs only 30Ib(14kg) yet produces mre cranking torque with much greater reliability. The Delco Remy 37MT is the latest, third-generation starter using a gear reduction drive system to multiply torque output. The 37MT weighs approximately 50 Ib(23kg). All three starters are used on engines from 0 to 15L displacement. Minimum life expectancy for a starter now is 4 years with 7,000 starter cycles.

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