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Denso Brings Autonomous Vehicle Research and Development to Israel

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Update time : 2018-03-30 15:01:25
Denso wants to tap into the startup culture in Israel for transportation technology research and development.

Denso has launched a satellite research and development team in Israel, aimed at accelerating advanced technologies such as automated driving, cybersecurity. and artificial intelligence.

In April, Denso’s R&D satellite will begin collaborating with local startups to pioneer new technologies. Denso is looking to tap into Israel’s technology strengths to quickly develop more competitive technologies, both internally and through collaborative research with local companies and universities.

Denso’s satellite R&D activities in Israel build on the country’s surge in surge in innovative technologies in fields spanning cybersecurity, telecommunications, AI, sensing, and software. According to Denso, Israeli companies and tech startups have an established track record for successful collaboration with companies overseas, and are expected to play a major role in global innovation across a number of fields.

Denso is in the process of establishing global satellite R&D operations in key regions. The company recently announced an initiative to broaden R&D capabilities outside Japan, and in 2017, started satellite R&D activities in Helsinki, Finland, focusing on creating advanced technologies and services.

The Japanese company distributes R&D functions around the world and works with universities, research institutions, startups, and other partners to develop competitive products and technologies tailored to customers and regional characteristics.

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