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Doosan Infracore to Promote Joint Development of ‘Integrated Smart Construction Control System’ with Hanyang University

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Update time : 2018-07-10 16:29:03

- Signed an MOU for the Development of an Unmanned Construction Site Management System and Business Cooperation  

- To Accelerate Development of Smart Construction that Incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Drone Technologies, among others, through Academy-Industry Cooperation

Dongyoun Sohn(left), president and CEO of Doosan Infracore, and Ph.D. Youngmoo Lee, president of Hanyang University, posing for a photo opportunity following their execution of an MoU on the development of an integrated smart construction control system

On June 19, Doosan Infracore announced that it had executed an MOU with Hanyang University in Seoul for the development of an ‘Integrated Smart Construction Control System’ and general business cooperation. 

On June 18, an MOU execution ceremony was held at Hanyang University in Seoul with the attendance of Ph.D. Youngmoo Lee, president of Hanyang University, and Dongyoun Sohn, president and CEO of Doosan Infracore. The MOU is aimed at the development of an integrated control system, one of the basic technologies required for the realization of smart construction, and promotion-related business cooperation. 

‘Smart construction’ refers to a futuristic construction platform that is aimed largely at establishing an entire construction plan based on environmental and topographical construction data and civil engineering sites, as well as the operation of unmanned construction machinery and the monitoring of overall work progress from a central control center, among others. 

Doosan Infracore and Hanyang University are planning to develop an integrated control system that ranges from the establishment of operation and utilization plans for construction equipment and materials to the utilization of three-dimensional digital information on worksites. The system verification is set to be completed by the end of 2019. 

“We will take the lead in the development of smart construction through the development of not only unmanned self-driving construction equipment, but also unmanned management of the entire construction site,” said President and CEO Dongyoun Sohn. 

Doosan Infracore is engaged in various academy-industry cooperation projects designed to promote the development of smart construction technology, taking advantage of artificial intelligence, drone technology, etc. Since 2017, Doosan Infracore has implemented academy-industry cooperation projects with various universities, including Seoul National University and Yonsei University to develop construction equipment operation technology based on artificial intelligence; Konkuk University to develop 3-D survey technology with drones; and Dongguk University to promote the digitalization of work information and the development of processing techniques. 
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