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GM faces similar challenges in the US, China with electric vehicles

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Update time : 2018-01-19 18:18:10
GM faces similar challenges in the US, China with electric vehicles

A Chevrolet Volt Plug-in Hybrid at a Charging Station at GM Headquarters in Shanghai in September 2017. GM plans a flash of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles in China for its
Buick, Cadillac and  brands by 2020.
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DETROIT – General Motors expects that some, but not all, will face the same challenges in using electric vehicles in China as in the US.

GM China President Matt Tsien The company must look for fluid state incentives, a lack of infrastructure, and the understanding and acceptance of electric vehicles in the world's largest automotive market – issues faced by the company and other domestic carmakers.

"China, I think, is obviously still in work," Tsien said Wednesday at GM headquarters. "If you look at the journey, we are only at the beginning of this journey from a Chinese perspective."

One advantage that GM and others in China do not have in the US is the full support of the Chinese government, which has made electric vehicles a priority to promote the purchase and use of electric vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions ,

"The Chinese government is quite determined to bring about this electrification," Tsien said. He added that China feels it has a chance to become a leader in traditional automakers because it is an emerging market.

GM and its local partners sold for the first time more than 4 million vehicles China last year, but only 11,000 electric vehicles. In the US, the company sold 3 million vehicles, including nearly 24,000 Chevy Bolt EVs.

China and the US are considered to be GM's two main hubs for where at least 20 electric vehicles or fuel cell vehicles will be used by 2023. GM did not detail the vehicles, but Tsien said China will receive "a substantial share" of the vehicles.

His comments are in line with those of the bosses of Buick who expect their brands to play a major role in GM's EV strategy.

Pamela Fletcher, GM Vice President of Global Electric Vehicle Programs, reiterated that the strategy was "a multi-brand, multi-regional solution" for the use of electric vehicles.

"We will have global entries, we will have some specific entries," she said during the event on Wednesday with Tsien. "We have to find the right thing for the right customer and the right segment."

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