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How to do starter battery test

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Update time : 2018-03-22 09:23:00
How to do starter battery test

The battery's condition is the most important part of the starter Tests and the first thing that has to be checked.

There are two parts to do this test. Visually checking that the battery terminals for obvious problems and Testing the battery's voltage with a multimeter.
1.Eye-balling the battery:
   The battery terminals should not be full of corrosion.
   The battery terminals should not be loose or broken.
   If these conditions are present, then clean or replace the battery terminals.

2.Battery voltage test:
   With a digital multimeter or an analog multimeter test the battery's voltage.
   A good working battery will show 12.6 Volts. The bare minimum will be 12.3 Volts.
   Any battery voltage below 12.3 Volts, and you'll need to charge the battery first, or use a battery jump Box during the tests, or replace it with a known-good battery.
   Having a good working battery is important to test the starter on the vehicle.

After cleaning, or repairing the battery terminals, or replacing a BAD battery, or charging a discharged battery the car or truck may start. If this is the case, will good for you.

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