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Dealerships in Germany are unable to sell 300,000 used cars equipped with Euro 5 diesel engines because of fears that high NOx emissions may lead to older diesels being banned from cities such as Stuttgart and Munich.
In electrical equipment such as generators, insulation material is the weakest part, the insulation material is particularly susceptible to accelerate the aging and damage due to high temperature.
Merkel called for a bigger strategy for helping the auto industry make the transition to producing electric cars。 But this Monday,Merkel said Germany must eventually follow other European countries in banning the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars.
The core of the armature is used to form the magnetic flux path and supports the armature windings. Generally stacked from silicon steel sheet.
German’s major automakers were accused in a U.S. lawsuit of acting as a cartel, colluding for nearly two decades to limit the pace of technological advances in their vehicles and stifle competition -- allegations that widen the scope of the latest scandal
The shaft is a key part of the armature so the quality of the material for the shaft also plays an important role in the whole product.
Volvo announced it will fit every new model launched with an electric motor, starting in 2019.
MEXICO CITY — President Donald Trump has made an example out of global automakers that produce in Mexico for the U.S. But auto parts makers south of the border also have a huge financial stake in the upcoming trade talks.
Cranking problems can be frustrating, identifying and correcting the root cause does not have to be.
As the original office address Rm. 2202, No.9 Huachang Rd., Shanghai 200081 China is to be renovated, the Company changes its office address on 13th, June 2017 to the new address.